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Ethan Weiss '24

Campus Director

Swarthmore College

Ethan is a talented left-handed pitcher on Swarthmore College's esteemed baseball team. Beyond his athletic pursuits, he actively contributes to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and plays a vital role in Garnet Go Green, a sustainability club for athletes. With a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies, Ethan harbors a passion for environmental conservation and aspires to become an influential environmental economic policymaker/advisor in the future. During his leisure time, he embarks on culinary quests in search of exceptional food, enjoys exhilarating drives accompanied by his favorite tunes, and engages in lively discussions with friends about the intricacies of baseball and delectable cuisine.


Joe is a standout athlete excelling both on and off the field. As a member of the varsity baseball team, he was recently honored with a spot on the prestigious 2023 CSC Academic All-District team. While currently focusing on his studies as an English major with minors in political science and history, Joe aspires to become a tour guide next year, showcasing his passion for his alma mater. This summer, he will juggle playing summer baseball, working at his high school, and enjoying well-deserved vacations across the US. Joe finds solace in reading, watching TV, immersing himself in the world of baseball, and staying active through various athletic pursuits such as baseball, squash, and workouts.

Joe Radek '24

Swarthmore College

Campus Director

Our Story

How It All Started

Biggabed was conceptualized in 2019 at Middlebury College from a late-night conversation between friends in Hadley Hall. What came shortly after was the first prototype on the right, created with broken hockey sticks, tape, and 3D-printed hooks. 

Luckily for you, our product has improved drastically since 2019 and over 1000 Biggabeds have been sold across six different schools in the U.S.! Swat Biggabed was founded in 2021 and has been serving students ever since!

Old Hooks_edited.jpg


Open Hands Icon

Sustainability is super important, but so is immediate impact. That's why, every year, Biggabed will donate 5% of profits to an organization whose goal is to create positive change and assist those marginalized by the society we live in.


Cardboard Sheets

Our product is custom-made to support you and your sleep. Once the different parts of our product get worn out, they'll be repurposed through a range of partner companies for a variety of different needs. We want you to sleep well knowing that we are keeping waste out of landfills!

Tree Planting

OneTreePlanted logo square green.png

For every bed we rent, we plant a tree. While we already make an effort to be as sustainable, we want to do more than just what is necessary.

Click here to learn more about One Tree Planted.


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